FMS PicHere at Synergistix Health and Wellness, we want to ensure you are getting the best care from our services. Part of that care is helping you move well and pain-free! Gray Cook formed FMS in 2001, a short form for functional movement screen.

This screening process is a combination of seven exercises that look at how your body moves. A scoring system is used to look at how each client performs the movement. Movement errors can be quite common from muscle imbalances due to sports, repetitive movements through our work and what we can encounter in our everyday lives. Those movement errors are the key to unlock strengths and weaknesses in the body and ultimately give us the tools to make your body move better!

An example of the functional movement screen includes the overhead squat, hurdle step, inline lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, trunk stability push up and rotary stability.  

The challenge in completing the assessment is that we’re not teaching you how to do these movements; However, seeing how your body moves naturally to reveal any movement errors or weaknesses that affect standard movement patterns. We can use the results of this test to build your optimal training program.

The functional movement screen also includes a few small movement tests for pain. If for example, you felt pain through any of the above exercises, the score is 0. I don’t want you to feel bad about getting a score of 0.  It doesn’t make you a bad person, but an opportunity to address an issue that is preventing your body from moving the way it should.

When the test has been completed and your score is entered into the FMS site – a corrective program is generated with exercises and videos provided to show you what can be addressed to help with your strength and mobility. This could include foam rolling muscles that are tight restricting movement or strengthening exercises for stability.

The ultimate goal is to help see our clients pain free, move well and move often!

Move Well and Move Often – The Purpose of Functional Movement Screen