I asked myself gently while climbing a small hill with the birds chirping away and sunshine reflecting off the calm creek.

Then, I found myself pondering, “shouldn’t taking care of my mind and body be a priority?”

This led me to ask: Why is it that the health patterns, that cost me nothing and guaranteed to give me the emotional and physical wellness I desire, are the hardest to implement?

A part of that may be that we have been persuaded that we need to get fancy gadgets and adopt the latest fads to have health. Frankly, I believe, we are all a little lost. The truth is that our bodies are brilliant. I am in awe that it is able to heal itself with its’ incredible built-in mechanisms. For example — you get a cut and the body works meticulously for you 24/7 to heal the wound—free of charge. However, the body is also always keeping score. Now or later, it will communicate via symptoms in correspondence to the imbalances. It’s up to us to listen and honour it by giving deliberate and consistent nourishment and respect it deserves.

Here’s my experience:

It’s been a tough week. I didn’t even realize that my feelings of overwhelm, guilt, sadness and anxiety from my PMS and balancing life and career, manifested as physical tightening pain above the liver along the rib cage line. Thanks to Dr. Google, humans tend to go to the worst-case scenario, and I am no exception. I thought I had a stomach ulcer as my digestion (bloating and heaviness) was also compromised. Thankfully Mindy, the Owner and Osteopath at Synergistix Health and Wellness, within 5 seconds of assessment showed me that my diaphragm was not functioning optimally.

Can you believe that I had forgotten to use nature’s high-tech in-built tool to help me “rest & digest” and regain calmness—breathing.

In my daily life hustle, I had sadly convinced myself that deep breathing would slow me down. Contrary to that, slowing down will actually speed you up. Breathing promotes efficiency, as helps you focus and think better as more blood flows to your brain, physical tension begins to disappear as it reduces activation of pain center in brain, mood gets better as endorphins and dopamine (feel-good hormones) are released, body produces anti-aging stem cells and cancer protecting proteins to increase your immunity, to positively effect our glycemic index and cravings to manage our thoughts around weight management and decrease GERD symptoms, lastly but not the least it influences our physiology on a molecular level, almost immediately to decrease inflammation.

We don’t need science to show us how breathing is so fundamental to our wellness. However, those who need it, feel free to refer to the studies below.

Breathing is a simple action, which brings you in the present. As for me, after an osteo treatment, I am now using breathing as an anchor every single daily to release emotions, thoughts and situations that don’t matter, and making my health a priority. Now, I can finally catch a breath of fresh air.

My question to you is… “Are you getting caught up in things that don’t matter?” If yes, use this simple, accessible and free tool, so you can actively engage with people and life in a way that matters.


Am I getting caught up in things that don’t matter?