Isha Bhatoa Newsletter Pic
Isha Bhatoa Newsletter Pic

I’m Isha. Trusting that life works out for the best, I hope to serve as your Naturopathic Doctor beginning May at Synergistix!

Listen, the birds are chirping! Spring in action shows us that nature always finds a way to bloom. For humans, change can be really scary and it’s totally okay to be scared. As an imperfectly perfect human to another, I believe we are allowed to be both, a masterpiece (to be good enough as we are) and be a work in progress (express our truth and keep showing up again and again to become the best version of ourselves) at the same time. I invite you to trust yourself and take the leap—a step towards your wholehearted health journey.

My purpose is to help you to understand your health and to support you in taking baby steps towards building simple, consistent and powerful healthy practices through nutrition (food), physical activity (movement), balanced mental attitude (perspective), naturopathic counseling (listening), along with modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, and supplements. 

This journey is going to be filled with curiosity and action for a pleasurable life and coffee, real talk, and laughter. 

Won’t you join me? 

A Whole Hearted Hello!